Sizing & Grading

SunSortai is the smartest name in sizing and grading equipment. Intelligently engineered and built in the USA, SunSortai is designed to be fast, reliable, versatile and meet your unique packing needs. Powered by our proprietary imaging system, it uses broad spectrum sensors and true side lighting and cameras to detect and identify defects, unseen to the naked eye. Combined with our proven mechanical systems, SunSortai is the leading choice. Every packhouse is unique, and SunSortai can be customized to serve your unique needs or even adapt to existing conveying systems.


  • Color Average, darkest, lightest, and peak color, variegation
  • Blemish (Defect) Detecting light, medium, dark & total scarring
  • Size Average diameter, characteristic diameter or volume
  • Shape Aspect ratio and roundness
  • Sorting Identifying defects by name through AI
  • Weight Designed for high speed precision weighing
  • Stem & Blossom Identify stems and blossoms from defects

Using nominal values, you can set and adjust breakpoints that are determined by running test fruit and adjusting these values accordingly.

Decay Detection

A combination of advanced AI and a broad spectrum optical system elevate Sunsortai’s decay detection to the leader in sorting. It can identify decay that cannot be seen by naked eye in a thousandth of a second, saving valuable fruit from waste. We've spent decades refining our advanced Decay Detection System. Our patented detection system combined with a simple user interface design makes it easy to quickly select and identify decay.

Powered by Google AI

Sunsortai brings AI into the fruit sorting industry and raises the earning potential of a packhouse by expanding sorting options and increasing accuracy while decreasing upfront hardware and maintenance costs. Contact us for more information.

The Best in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is more than just feeding data to a computer; at RTS, we’re pioneering the future of sorting and grading. Integrating our expertise in citrus into the design of our very own machine intelligence. The Sunsortai is designed from the ground up to recognize defects in citrus, by name. Whether it is piojo, oleocellosis, and cancerosis, our AI can be trained to recognize the defects that matter the most to your operation.

Recognizing our achievements in the packing industry, Google invited RTS into a partnership to bring Sunsortai to the next level.


Monorail Carrier System

The monorail incorporates a precise weighing system that measures down to the gram. It contains a drive motor, orientation motor, actuators, PLC with warning alarms and control. The monorail can be customized from its minimum of 30 feet up to any length; currently our longest system is 170 feet.

CAB Carrier System

The CAB system is our tried and true system that uses a dual chain design and our proprietary ejector. The minimum system length for the monorail is 27’10” which has capability for up to 5 drop points. Each module contains a drive motor, orientation motor, actuators, PLC with warning alarms and controls. The rail can be extended with 45”, 90” or 110” length sections.

Optical System

The optical grading system is run by a standard PC with a monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer. Optical housings are complete with camera assemblies, commercially developed task specific cameras and lighting assemblies for optimum grading capabilities. Power Saving Function utilizes state of the art illumination technology to increase the longevity of the system.

Sunsortai is the simple solution for your grading, sorting and sizing needs. Easy to use and designed and built just for you.

Installation Requirements

  • Access catwalks around and between the SunSort modules.
  • Electrical control panel and field wiring to power SunSort modules.
  • Power requirements – 3 phase power for motors, and power for PLC panel.
  • All support hardware consists of a 4″ sq. tubing frame and legs for each module.
  • All feed conveyor, pullout conveyors, recirculation conveyors, fruit rail extensions, and lane dividers.

For a detailed quote or more information about one of our sorting or packing products, please contact us!